Surface Treatments

Rust Converter

B-Tuff RustCheck

RustCheck™ A water base, rust converter combined with a non-pigmented, high quality latex metal primer. The converter segments turn rust into a barrier layer of black non-rusting magnetite. Acts as a bonding agent for polymer concrete, cementitious materials, oil and water-based epoxy, enamel, acrylic, polyurethane, and urethane coating

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Evaporation Reducer

B-Tuff Aid

Ready to Use, waterbase evaporation retardant. Creates a protective film on freshly placed concrete, prior to curing to reduce reactive moisture loss in extreme weather conditions, inlcuding high temperature and wind. Use with dry shake on hardner applications.

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Concrete Etch Solution

B-Tuff Etch

A non-fuming, VOC free, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, biodegradable concentrate, concrete etch and cleaning solution. An alternative to muriatic or phosphoric acids used to etch cementitious surfaces to achieve optimum bonding for stains, coatings, and sealers. Will not burn skin or corrode metals or require neutralizing.

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Fluid Contaminant Extract

B-Tuff Extract

A single, waterbase, polymer modified reactive osmotic reagent that seals, densifies, hardens and reduces vapor drive and preserves most concrete substrates.

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Dustproof Hardener

B-Tuff P Cure

A clear, water-based, spray applied concrete hardener and dustproofer. Deeply penetrates concrete surfaces to densify, seal, harden and dustproof concrete and Portland Cement based material surfaces to increase abrasion resistance without altering the natural appearance of the concrete.

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Cure & Seal

B-Tuff Glaze 25

A 25 % solids, solvent based acrylic, polymer engineered to cure, seal, harden, and dustproof freshly placed concrete and improve the wearability and durability of aged concrete surfaces.

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High Performance Lithium - Silicate Densifier

B-Tuff Lith

A premium, penetrating, hardener, densifier and sealer for concrete surfaces. Lithium silicate treatment reacts with the concrete to produce insoluble calcium silicate hydrate within the concrete pores. B TuffLith ™ is the best choice for hardening, sealing, densifying freshly placed concrete and for final application to diamond polished concrete, including dyed, stained or colored diamond polished concrete.

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