Elastomeric Resin Mortar Systems for Heavy Traffic

E-Tuff® ENS

E-Tuff® ENS is an epoxy binder and pre-engineered aggregate system. The epoxy is a semi-rigid 1:1 ratio, two component, 100 % solids, low modulus, moisture tolerant, rapid setting, abrasion, chemical and impact resistant epoxy binder. Mixed with pre-engineered aggregate, the blended components develop an epoxy nosing system, repair mortar to patch and protect new or repair existing expansion and con-struction joints; headers on bridges, elevated highways and parking decks.

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E-Tuff® Mortar

E-Tuff® Mortar a two-component, 100% solids, moisture-insensitive, medium viscosity, high strength, multipurpose liquid epoxy adhe-sive. With aggregate or other mineral fillers, it can be used as a mortar or grout to resurface or patch damaged concrete slabs and walls. Please use the correct product grade that complies with VOC regulations as per federal, state, county and city regulations/codes at the place of installation of product.

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E-Tuff® Deck II

E-Tuff® Deck II epoxy patching is a three-component, 100% solids, multi-purpose, high strength epoxy patching mortar. The system com-bines a high-quality epoxy resin and curing agent with a pre-engineered blend of graded aggregates. E-Tuff® Deck II is specifically engi-neered to provide superior patching while demonstrating similar physical characteristics to the concrete substrate. VOC compliant in all states and provinces in North America.

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P-Tuff® HM

P-Tuff® HM is a unique, three component, rapid curing, non-shrink, hybridized, polymer based, elastomeric concrete that cures to a dense, semi-flexible, weather, abrasion and impact resistant polymer mortar for the construction or repair of expansion and construction joints on bridge and parking decks. The combined Side-A and Side-B of P-Tuff® HM polymers, when mixed with its Side-C (blended aggregate), forms a mortar with excellent long-term installation properties for joint nosing repairs, or deep patches.

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P-Tuff® SP

P-Tuff® SP is a three component, rapid curing, polyurethane based concrete repair mortar. The systems combine a high-quality polyurethane resin binder with a pre-engineered blend of proprietary graded aggregates. Formulated to create a long lasting, resilient, dense, semi-flexible, weather, abrasion and impact resistant concrete repair. Repair roadways, bridges, elevated highways, airport runways and aprons, parking decks and other concrete elements. VOC compliant in all States and Providences in North America.

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