Deck Coatings

Poly-Tuff Systems unique characteristics of the Water Cured Urethane supplies quick and easy answer to problems on existing concrete and plywood decks. The E-Tuff 100 and P-Tuff Classic Base Coats offer the following


  • E-Tuff 100 or P-Tuff Classic Sand Slury may be applied as the base coating for fast curing and remedial patching on concrete parking lots and parking decks.. See primer requirements for substrates.
  • Slope to drain and change negative to positive slope is formed in one application (form crickets). The supplied links to our video (3 minute) and details demonstrate how the Poly-Tuff Systems restore poorly formed decks into decks that drain properly and with no water ponds.
  • Fill on pond and slope areas in one application. Ponding water is a major inconvenience to the owners or tenants of the buildings. It also creates an environment for bacterial formation and water molecule hydrolysis to attack the adhesion of the coating over time. Thus in the future there are costs involved in the repair and restoration of the deck again due to inadequate design and ability of the coating to correct these problems at the front end of the project. Poly-Tuff Systems has the ability to fixes all these problems on the front end so they don’t occur.
  • Complete the entire deck system in one day. In the rehab market, Poly-Tuff Systems significantly reduces the down time of the deck closure for repair. In mean temperatures, the PSI system can be installed in one day. Thus, Hotels and condominium optimize the ability to capitalize the opening of the balcony deck minimal closure of the deck.
  • Endless aesthetic affects from real tile. The Poly-Tuff System creates an outstanding substrate for an enormous amount of aesthetic finishes. Both real tile flooring and faux tile, slate, brick and other imaginable patterns are able to be formed along with paver systems.
  • The options don’t stop there. Other finishes like Polyquartz and flake finishes are capable with our extremely clear top coats for decks and even parking garages.
  • Provide the combination of flexible urethane and flexible cementitious top coats. Poly-Tuff Systems combines all the advantages flexibility and fast curing nature of the water-cured urethane that of the impact resistance and impact, wear and aesthetic abilities of the cementitious materials. This offers the owner a wide range of top coat finishes from urethane to cementitious.
  • Parking Deck shut down times are significantly reduced when applying the Poly-Tuff E-Tuff 100 or P-Tuff Classic base coat. Non-structural remedial patching and control joints do not need to be completed prior to the application day of the coatings. No lengthy cure times in advance of the coating application is necessary with the Poly-Tuff Sand Slurry and/or P-Tuff Classic base coat.
  • Controlled Curing gives the contractor in the field the flexibility to control the curing of the membrane, rather than the membrane controlling the contractor. In hot climates the contractor may choose to add less catalyst or no catalyst to accommodate the varying temperatures of each day. There is nothing like it. This characteristic helps the contractor apply the material as his deemed rate without the material setting too fast or curing too slow.
  • Systems available are VOC Compliant and low odor for interior and exterior deck coating applications.
  • Systems: Flexideck P-PD, Flexideck MVT Flexideck HD 5600
  • Ultra-Fast Systems utilize U-55
  • Asphalt Parking Decks use B-Tuff 921 or Poly-Tuff Crete


  • Concrete Parking Deck and Parking Lots
  • Roof and Party Decks
  • Interior or Exterior Parking Garage Deck Coating
  • Residential Garage
  • Recoating of Urethane Decks (primer required)
  • Asphalt Parking Decks and Lots
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